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Charger for Lexibook® Junior Tablet

Spare charger for Lexibook® Junior Tablet (ref. MFC270EN)

Charger for Lexibook Tablet One

Charger AC/DC for Lexibook® Tablet One only (ref.MFC142EN)

Lexibook® Junior Tablet

Android™ Tablet with 7" capacitive screen

Lexibook Laptab

Tablet or laptop, choose your format!

App Puzzles

I'm doing puzzles on my Lexibook Junior Tablet!

Lexibook® Tablet Serenity Lexibook® Tablet Serenity

Lexibook® Tablet Serenity

The Lexibook Tablet Serenity offers lots of applications and a specially dedicated interface for seniors!

Karaoke Micro Star® Karaoke Micro Star® - View 2

Karaoke Micro Star®

Sing like a star with your 3-in-1 karaoke!

Silicone protective cover Lexibook Tablet One

Protect your Lexibook Tablet One! Cover compatible with tablet ref.MFC142EN

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