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2MB PDA / 30K translator With PC link

2MB PDA / 30K translator With PC link

  • Large graphic screen with icon menu
  • 2MB Personal Assistants: calendar, memo, diary, task list, directory, local and world clocks, 3 alarms, calculator, metric and currency converters, finance manage
  • Writing and sending of emails using SyncMan®
  • 6-language translators: French/English/German/Italian/Spanish/Dutch: total of 30 000 words
  • Mini word processor able to read .txt document
  • Remote downloads via internet from my.lexibook.com: games, applications etc
  • PC and internet synchronization: to back up and save personal data using the supplied PC connection kit (USB cable+ SyncMan® 2 CD ROM) compatible with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
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Shipping Length: 11.5 in
Shipping Width: 2.76 in
Shipping Height:8.31 in

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