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Electronic hangman

Electronic hangman

  • The ever-popular game in electronic version for hours of matches between friends
  • Light-up hangman shows the remaining chances
  • 2 player sides: the « Master » view and the « Player » view.You are the Player: be the first to guess 10 words and you win! You are the Master: Create questions words that really challenge your opponent
  • Player has 11 chances to find good letters and form the complete word
  • The word can count up to 8 letters
  • Challenging: 4 different levels with 3 countdowns: no time limit, 240 (easy), 120 (medium), 60 seconds (crazy).
  • The score is displayed on each side of the console

Shipping Weight:2.08 lbs
Shipping Length: 10.63 in
Shipping Width: 4.92 in
Shipping Height:10.63 in

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