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Power Color

Power Color

  • Product Code: JC900GB
20 games + 45 activities

  • Children have to use the coloured map to discover the 45 educational activities which compose the 8 worlds
  • High definition TFT colour screen: fantastic design and animations
  • 45 fun and educational activities to progress in all school subjects: Tree of letters, Underground passage for maths, Logical balloon, French village, Waterfall of games, Music in Santa Claus’ Kingdom
  • Motivating: children need to release the 20 action, adventure and strategy games by progressing through the educational activities
  • Innovative & Creative: a funny game character leads the children throughout activities and game play.
  • 8 Direct access keys to submenus for quick entry to category.
Shipping Weight:3.58 lbs
Shipping Length: 14.96 in
Shipping Width: 4.33 in
Shipping Height:12.6 in

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