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Power Plasma

Power Plasma

  • Product Code: JC300i1US
144 activities, bilingual English/Spanish

  • A unique ultra modern design equipped with the most recent technology: an extra flat screen which can be hung up anywhere, a wireless double keyboard combining a computer keyboard and a musical keyboard.
  • The contents of Power Plasma have been specially based on scholastic fundamental programs for the little ones aged between 4 and 6 years old.
  • 140 bilingual activities (English and Spanish) divided in 9 categories : The command of sounds, words and writing skills (24 activities). The command of numbers, basic mathematics and logic (16 activities). A discovery mode to tackle various themes such as the directions, the colours, the time etc... (8 activities). A language mode for an introduction to French (8 activities).
  • And to continue learning for fun: An entertaining game mode (8 activities). A music mode at the back of the keyboard with 8 funny musical activities.
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