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My first keyboard (French/GB/Spanish/Italian)

My first keyboard (French/GB/Spanish/Italian)

  • Easy to use over-keyboard piece which can be fitted on all standard keyboards.
  • Including a CD-rom with 20 musical and educational activities.
  • No plugging is required on the computer to activate the keyboard
  • Using the over-keyboard piece, children can improve their coordination skills and their response time with fun.
  • The over-keyboard can be placed easily on the parents’ keyboard ands as soon as the CD-rom is inserted, an animation starts and the languages page is displayed. From that moment, all the other keys from the family keyboard are disabled.
  • Bonus! The CD is in 4 different languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  • Large coloured directional keys!
Shipping Weight:1.18 lbs
Shipping Length: 13.78 in
Shipping Width: 2.36 in
Shipping Height:11.81 in

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