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Water Crab

Water Crab

  • Many stimulating activities: Water Crab loves being splashed!
  • His claws snap, the starfish turns on itself, fishes are swimming, crab eyes roll and its paws move! Fill the octopus with bubble bath and press on it to make beautiful bubbles blown from its mouth
  • So easy to play: use the little dolphin shaped scoop to pour water on the shell
  • Educational benefit: toddlers will develop grasping & dexterity, discovers cause and effect, build their confidence, and sharpen their visual skills.
  • Practical: use the 3 suction cups to fix it on the bathtub, shower walls...
Shipping Weight:2.37 lbs
Shipping Length: 14.17 in
Shipping Width: 6.1 in
Shipping Height:12.8 in

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